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Leather Garment repair has set the standards in the garment repair industry for over 25 years.

Using the best of technology in the leather repair industries, we return damaged clothing to its original condition.

Any garment can be literally ruined by even the smallest of holes or tears. Patching or sewing over the damaged area has never been a concealed repair, leaving the garment destroyed.

Consider the only true repair alternative for your valuable clothing,

Leather Garment Repair is capbale of repairing any type of Leather garment we do Leather Dress, Leather Pant, Leather Skirt, Leather Jacket Leather Coat and any orther Leather Garment, we have been doing this long enought with experience skillfull craftman.

We repair from a scratch to a complete remake of a new Jacket.

Nationwide & Local Service Available!
                                                                                                                                                                Not only do we have a location for your drop-off convenience, but we also proudly service your garment needs across the country. We make it easy for you to ship your garment, have it repaired and returned to you.